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Shipments details 50R
Packages1 Package(s)SenderGast31507
50.0Auction start timeWed, 14.08.2019 18:43
Distance in km214End of auctionWed, 14.08.2019 18:55
0so inExpired
30All packages stackableYes
30Shipping must be insuredNo
Instant takover possible(?)Private ComfortAward cheapest supplier(?)No
Joint review(?)Yes

Wed, 14.08.2019 18:58
Wed, 14.08.2019 19:28
LocationAT 9620 Hermagor-Pressegger See
Possible pickup vehiclesCar, Station wagon, Van, Truck 7,5t
Wed, 14.08.2019 19:08
Wed, 14.08.2019 19:38
LocationAT 4400 Steyr
Possible delivery vehiclesCar, Station wagon, Van, Truck 7,5t

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