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The rules

For commercial transporters: shipments will be shipped - unless agreed otherwise- based on the ADSp rules. The deviations are shown on this page . If the transporter is a private person , then the sender and driver must agree on the conditions, in particular liability issues .
About us is never involved in a transport and sees itself as a mediator. It is the sole responsibility of the sender and the driver to agree on the transport arrangements . In a disput can moderate at the request of parties, but there is no obligation to do.
Duty of care
All price proposals by the bidders are mandatory. After a sender has awarded a transport the driver , the bidder is obliged to perform the transport in compliance with all arangements carefully .
Shipment size & type
The maximum weight is 1000kg per Euro pallet, the maximum height 180cm per Euro pallet. There is at least one (Euro ) pallet or package to be transported . It is advisable to make general comments on the content as well as to the dimensions . If you exceed or fall below these parameters during the creation or modification of the shipment , you will be informed immediately by the system .
time info
The time data for pickup and delivery are binding . If a pickup or delivery time window is extending over more than one day , both parties agee- unless otherwise agreed - that weekends and public holidays , including Saturdays are excluded and on weekdays , the pick-up or delivery is 9.00 clock until 18.00 clock. If a time window cannot be met, the partner is to be informed .
Provision & Packaging
The shipment must be prepared before the earliest pickup date and has to be provided with the transport labels . A new announcement about the imminent pick-up or delivery is not required. The shipment must be packaged so that in normal conditions a damage can't occur . Otherwise, there should be a note in the field "More details"


No encountering at pickup
The rules of non encountering when picking up in the right time slot are regulated in the ADSp for commercial transporters . If the driver is private the following applies : If the shipment can not be picked up, the driver must inform the sender immediately by telephone . If there is still no pickup hereafter , the driver can ask the senders for 30 % of the agreed price of transport, regardless of whether both parties agree on a new pick-up attempt.
No encountering at delivery
The regulates the ADSp for commercial transporters. If the driver is private, the following applies: If the shipment can not be delivered during in the corresponding delivery time frame , the transporter tries a delivery attempt in the immediate vicinity . If successful, the transporter immediately informes the senders about the place of delivery. If not, the transporter shall inform the sender about that immediately. Sender and transporter must agree on the further course.
Missed pickup
The rules of a missed pick-up is regulated by the ADSp for commercial transporters . Is the driver private, the following applies: If the item is not picked up in the corresponding pick-up window, the sender can claim back all payments . In addition, he can also charge the driver with a default surcharge of 20% of the agreed transfer price, regardless of whether a new pick-up attempt is agreed .
Missed delivery
The rules of a missed delivery is regulated by the ADSp for commercial transporters . Is the driver private, the following applies: If the item is in not delivered in the agreed delivery time window, the sender must inform the transporter immediately after the expiry of agreed delivery time window. Per working day missed, the sender may be charge the transporter of 10 % of the price of the agreed price of transport.
Damage & Loss
Are shipments wholly or partially damaged or get lost during transport, the commercial driver is liable according ADSPp . shall be informed immediately about such an incident . This applies of course also for the sender . Sender and driver must agree subsequently on the further course .
If after a successful mediation both parties agree to cancel the transport they must inform about that immediately. Plausibele reasons are to be given. will inform both parties about a cancellation.
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