's main principle - simple & safe

Shipper enter their shipping request for free and without obligation. The driver enter their planned trips or tours. Fit both sides together, each driver receives a message and can submit a price proposal for carrying along. Subsequently, the sender can decide whether and whom to award the contract to ship. There is no obligation to award. And to make the shipping safe and reliable, Shipper can only issue audited drivers the contract. is faster, easier and cheaper

Ship with - simple & transparent

Companies without fleetTake as an alternative to your freight forwarder or parcel service - without any risk and without obligation . You can get more services and better prices .
Multiple shipmentsAre you sometimes annoyed that muliple packages to the same adress does not save you money? Enter here and compare .
International ShippingInternational shipments are usually very expensive. See for cheap alternatives .
particularly heavy/large shipmentsEven when packages are only slightly larger or heavier than standard formats, you will have to calculate with substatial price increases with normal freight forwarders.
Instant shipping, for example Same-Day-DeliveryIf you plan Same-Day-Delivery shipments, consider as an alternative, as this can be very erpensive with couriers
Shipments between metropolitan regionsThe more traffic takes place between regions , the better rates you can expect . This simple principle can be used with .
Sensitive / fragile goodsYou know how parcel services or freight forwarders handle your shipments ? If you send shipments whose contents you may not be able to replace in the short term, you should register with and wait for offers without reloading .
Narrow timed shipmentGetting increasingly temporally strictly limited delivery time windows by your customers and your forwarding or parcel service takes high premiums for that ? Then you should try as an alternative.

Transport & Take away with

Companies with fleetAre your vehicles around on standby or go often only partially loaded ? Then search and find on new , matching shipments .
New Shipments and customers.Don't wait any longer for new customers or new shipments, simply find them on
Better pricesStop being subcontractor and become an entrepreneur. We bring you into contact with customers who appreciate your services and enable you to earn money .
Driving instead of calculatingHow much time do you waste writing offers? Find the customer you are looking for here.
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