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Find space for your cargo. Find cargo for your space
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Here is how connects driver and senders

Here is what can do for you

For all

Simplicity and transparency
  • We are the alternative to a lack of transparency and confusion in the transportation industry
  • Quick and easy decisions instead of comparing numerous offers
  • Our simple motto: find freight for your space . Find space for your freight.
Open to all
  • Our ride sharing platform is open for anybody without contrainst
  • commercial or private : Suitable for private and commercial shippers, freight forwarders , couriers and privateers
  • Each user can both be sender and driver or forwarder
  • Registration is free and without obligation
  • This also applies for entering new shipements or creating planned tours
  • New shipments can be created as a guest quickly and easily
  • After a deal , both sides can mutually rate each other
standard freight
  • Shipments are either packets or ( euro ) pallets
  • In addition, we provide templates for the transport of electrical appliances , tires , furniture, etc.
  • Shipments can be provided with various parameters
  • Questions about a shipment can be made anonymously and publicly
data protection
  • All shipment data and user data are anonymously
  • Only the most important parameters for a price proposal shall be public
  • After successul brokerage, there ist complete data exchange
  • It's up to you, if or who will be awarded for transport.
User status and security
  • Each user can get audited by us
  • So the user provides a higher safety and reliability to potential business partners
  • Multiple auditing levels are available and there is a distinction between private and commercial status
  • These are always visible for all other users.
Shipment status and authentication code
  • The transporter of a shipment reports the current status of a shipment: to be pcked up, in delivery, delivered.
  • After a successful brokerage , both sides will receive an authentication code .
  • It serves to avoid mistakes when picking up
Hot deals
  • Drivers can publish their planned tours as a HotDeal
  • These are transparent fixed price rates for the transport of a certain format between two places at a certain time window
  • Structurally, they are like the fixed price offerings , you know from train or long-distance bus travel .
Open Source and tour planning
  • We are developing a framework fortour planning
  • The software allows the optimal sequence for round trips efficiently
  • With the open source license, you can use this Java framework in their own projects
  • It is continually being developed and is expected to included into

For senders

shipment parameters
  • Each package consists of a variety of parameters
  • Time window for auction, pickup and delivery, measure, value, weight
  • Form ( package , pallet) , stackability of the shipment, pick-up and delivery address .
  • During the auction, and as long as no price proposal exists, you can edit your shipment.
All Vehicle Types
  • You can specify a suitable pick-up and delivery vehicles
  • System suggests appropriate vehicles depending on the shipment type
  • Consideration of local circumstances on site
  • It simplifies finding matching shipments for your tour.
No Award mandatory
  • During the auction period, you can grant the award and end the auction
  • After the auction , there is no obligation to award the transport
  • It's up to the shipper to award the driver
  • Decision support through profile , reviews and auditing
  • You can save your shipements on social networks
  • Or send the link to the shipment via e-mail
  • Draw attention to your shipments for drivers and freight forwarders
Payment options
  • Once you have awarded the driver , you can pay him.
  • For this purpose, select a payment method the driver is offering you
  • To simplify decisions payment forms are always public
  • All addresses can be stored in a central address database
  • Pickup and delivery addresses can be in the whole European Union .
  • Shipments can always reentered with new times
Auto take over
  • You provide an asking price for every shipment
  • On request, audited users with the status 'Corporate Comfort' or higher can take over the shipment for your desired price.
  • Saves you a lot of time and gives you confidence
Auto award at lowest price
  • Upon request the cheapest bidder will automatically be awarded after the auction period-
  • Saves you a lot of time and is very easy
  • With that, can be used like any other auction platform.
Instant Price
  • We guarantee you at least one price proposal for your shipment
  • It's up to you to accept it or to wait for a better one.
  • You can also reject a proposal
  • If other users provided AutoBids, you will get their price proposals as well

Für drivers

Free Price Proposal
  • Offering price proposals for transportation is free and will be free
  • Brokerage fee (15%, 25 % for HotDeals) will only be charged, when being awarded
  • Once you enter your price propsal you will see your brokerage fee immediately
  • All fees will be billed monthly .
Payment options at award
  • When offering a price propsal, you can decide which forms of payment you will accept
  • Choice between prepay , PayPal, cash on pickup or delivery and invoice
  • After awarding , the sender will decide how he is going to pay you.
Manual search
  • You can easily search for appropriate shipments the search mask and make a price proposal.
  • Find intersting shipment fast and simple.
  • Virtually every parameter can used for serach
  • Saving search masks is possible
Search pattern
  • You can save recurring searches and easily reload if necessary
  • If new shipments match to your search pattern, you'll get a message
  • You can add AutoBids to your search patterns.
  • With that you will offer automatic price proposals, if a new shipments fits to your tour.
Take away
  • After being awarded, you get the shipment for transport
  • All information about shipment are contained in it.
  • Convenient to print and take with you or your driver
  • Take away is also suitabe as a delivery document
Auto Price Proposal with Auto Bid
  • The alternative for searching potential transports and calculating price proposals : AutoBid
  • Enter a formula and create exact price proposals for new shipments
  • Based on the shipment's parameters, which are available for search pattern or tours. See mor at FAQ
Direct search link
  • Direct links search for the parameters
  • for example. "" shows all shipments to Fulda .
  • Appropriate for forwarding shipments via e-mail or upload to social networks
Depot and vehicle management
  • You can manage multiple depots and their assigned vehicles
  • Enter vehicles of any size and simplify the search for matching shipments
  • You can also see whether a vehicle is available for a tour or is already scheduled
Tours / rides
  • Save planned rides or tours: Or report vehicles as available
  • We will find a appropriate shipment for you
  • Leave an additional auto bid , then you can make exact price proposals
  • By giving a new start date, tours can be reentered.
  • Fits a new shipment in one of your trips , you will receive a proposal for shipping
  • We will show the necessary additional effort to also take the shipment into your tour
  • You can save the extra effort for a perfect price proposals in theAutoBid of your Tour
  • And we tell you the best route to carry the shipment
Auto-Update for tours
  • Update your tours automatically, if you like
  • This happens when a shipment fits into one of your tours and will receive the award
  • So your tours always remain up to date and you can constantly create appropriate new price proposals
Auto Award
  • You will automatically be awarded if the price proposal from the your AutoBid of your tour is equal or below the desired price of the sender
  • Auto-Zuschlag ist optional; Der Versender muss die Option 'Sofort-Übernahme' genehmigt haben. Auto Award is optional; Sender has to authorize it by clocking 'Instant Takover'
  • Only for transporters which have the status ' Corporate Comfort ' or higher
Please read FAQ and our Functionality
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