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Shipper enter their shipping request for free and without obligation. The driver enter their planned trips or tours. Fit both sides together, each driver receives a message and can submit a price proposal for carrying along. Subsequently, the sender can decide whether and whom to award the contract to ship. There is no obligation to award. And to make the shipping safe and reliable, Shipper can only issue audited drivers the contract.

Here's how the ride sharing platform works

For senders

1. Send shipment
  • Simply enter your shipment as a private or commercial sender
  • Insert all relevant parameters such as pick-up and delivery location , pickup and delivery time windows , weight , size, shape (Parcel, Palet)
  • It is for you without any risk and without any obligation. Awarding bidders is not mandatory.
2. Received new price proposal
  • Once a new shipment was entered , other users or carriers can manually search for it
  • Or you are automatically informed by us .
  • You can publish public price proposals for transportation there.They are binding
3. Grant award upon request
  • Once a price proposal is submitted , you will be informed by e- mail . You can then award the user and end the auction .
  • Or wait until the auction period ends and decide then.
  • Consider individual criteria when awarding like price , reliability , reviews and user status
3a. On request: auto-takeover
  • For each new shipment , enter an asking price as guidance for transporters .
  • If another user has the status of Corporate Comfort or higher,then he can pick up your shipment at your target price independently and transport
  • This feature is optional . For you, this means more comfort and safety
4. Pay shipment and pass over
  • As a shipper you decide how you want to pay for the driver
  • Then prepare the shipment before the earliest pickup date and hand it over
  • The driver must at least have the authentication code.
  • That must match your authentication code.
5. Track shipment and rate user
  • After the picked up , you can follow the progress of delivery .So always knowing your shipments current status
  • After delivery , you can rate the transporter so other users get important guidance for the selection of an appropriate transport partner Anhaltspunkte für die Wahl eines geeigneten Transportpartners geben.
  • The driver can now rate . The mutual reviews are public.

For transportation, couriers, freight forwarders and private driver

1. Search & Find shipments for Transport
  • There are three ways to find matching shipments for you trip
  • Shipments in your area
  • manual search in the database with many filters. You can save search patterns .
  • The most conventiant way: Add planned trips and get proposals for matching shipments
2a. shipments in your area and search filter
  • If you only looking for shipments that are to be picked up or delivered in your area , select this option at registration or in your profile
  • In addition, you can search for shipements manually. These filter settings can be stored on request
  • You´ ll get a message, once new shipments fit to your route
2b. Let us propose appropriate freight
  • The simplest and most convenient way: Enter your planned trips with your vehicle or report it as available.
  • If a shipment fits into your tour, you'll get a propsoal
  • This contains not only the optimal travel sequence but also the additional expense for pickup & delivery .
3a. Make price proposal manually
  • Sie können für jeden Mitnahmewunsch während des Auktionszeitraums einen verbindlichen Preisvorschlag abgeben.
  • You can determine, which forms of payment you would accept
  • During auction, you can delete your price proposal
3b. Make price proposal automatically
  • You can make automatic price proposals for every shipments that fits to your trip
  • For that you need to enter an AutoBid. That is a formula, that calculates a price proposal oit of the shipemnt's parameters
  • Very convenient because you do not have to calculate every new price proposal
4a. Wait award
  • Have you submitted a price proposal and sender has given you the the contract, you receive a message immediately.
  • After being awared the driver will decide, how he is going to pay you. He can only select among your options
  • So you can now transport the shipment as agreed
4b. Organize shipments yourself
  • If the sender has allowed it, you can take over shipments on your own for the sender's desired price.
  • Applies only to users with status ' Corporate Comfort ' or higher , so that the sender is safe
  • This function is called "Auto-Takeover"
  • Is very convenient and easy and saves a lot of time .
5. Pick up and deliver shipment
  • Once the contract was awarded to you, you will have access to all data of the shipment in particular the exact pick-up and delivery addresses
  • Thus, the transport can now be done
  • During delivery, the shipments status should be updated
6. Rate shipper
  • After delivery , you can rate the sender and pass on experiences
  • So you give users important indications for the choice of an appropriate delivery partner
  • You can be rated by the sender also .
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